Choosing your Agent wisely.  Any agent will show enthusiasm and will want to list your house for sale but choose your agent based upon.

A.  Experience at listing and marketing hoouses for sale.

B.  Ability to use technology to market your house world wide to buyers 24/7.

C.  Reviewing with you a comprehensive Marketing Analysis of homes sales in your area.

D.  Ability to offer a written detailed 30 Day Marketing Plan that will get your house sold at the highest possible price.


Working with a full-time professional real estate agent is a must.  How knowledgeable they are about houses currently for sale in your price range and also houses that have recently sold.  Can your agent recommend a good lender that has the peputation of excellent customeer serviced and low rates to assist your new buyer with financing?  A good listing agent can get your house sold quickly at TOP DOLLAR and help you find a new house